Black cat 21

Cosmic Crafts Black Cat 21 Foil board update (April 2021.) The changes continue to advance all the performance aspects that offer riders the most performance orientated foil boards available. The design can be scaled up for more length, width and thickness without compromise. Continuing with reducing the fluid profile of the board, the rail profile has been lowered, tail bevel increased to improve liftoff. This lower rail line also improves aerodynamics once takeoff has been achieved. Slightly more concave Vee deck to lower the riders centre of gravity, and assist foot arch support. The deck also has skateboard style tail kick. As the concave starts to fade out in the tail, the kicker starts to increase. This greatly assists with stability, sensitivity and excellent back foot power control. The hull shape starts with a deepish double concave Vee for smooth water flow and dispersement, then into a slight concave to a flat straight curve through the tail for the mast and speed. Combined with deep bevelled concave rails and dual edges to assist with touch down and release during critical turns. Reduced surface area (deadrise) beneath the mast, along with an edge for quicker release on liftoff. Now with dual edges in that tail area. This helps with touching and releasing on the water surface during critical turns, right when the rail touches the surface, the edges help with quickly releasing the rail off the wave surface. Track boxes are in the perfect position for balance. control and angle of attack. These design elements are what is setting Cosmic Crafts foil shapes apart from anything else you can get in Australia.

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NEW RELEASE HA1125 - 925 - 725

Armstrongs new HA1125 A+ System. Direct, positive, fast. Ultimate glide ride. Feel the difference straight away with the amazing new A+ System and the HA1125 foil. The A+ system provides better connectivity. Less movement, less drag = more speed. Zero lag time between rider action and wing reaction. A step closer to combining the 3 elements of rider, board and foil into a single eco system. Now that is an advantage. The 1125 we love down wind or with a wing. The 925 and 725 feel good prone surfing.

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black cat 2022 wind wing foil board

The Black Cat 2022 wind wing foil board is an extension of all the characteristics of the prone version with a few modifications to best suit wing foiling. 

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